Early Interve‚Äčntion Together‚Äč


Why choose APT for your child?

Atlantic Pediatric Therapies, LLC realizes that not all children meet a school district's criteria for speech eligibility or are limited in the type of services they can provide. We bring extensive years of experience and advanced training with a unique approach to empowering both families as well children. Our philosophy is Early Intervention Together. We are strong believers in a team approach that includes the child, the therapist, and the family. APT believes in the importance of the parent and caregiver role in the therapeutic process, as well as understanding parent's concerns regarding their child's communication delays and integrating those concerns into the therapy plan. A true natural language approach model is used in all therapy sessions with the addition of literature that is age appropriate. APT motivates children to practice their speech and language skills in a fun and engaging environment, while helping every child achieve and maintain their optimal communication skills.

APT is now offering direct and teletherapy services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us to learn more about our services. 

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A free screening/consult includes a 15-20 minute phone call with one of our trained speech therapists discussing your concerns for your child. From there, the speech therapist will be able to identify if a comprehensive evaluation is recommended for your child. 

Comprehensive Evaluations

A comprehensive evaluation includes both informal and formal speech & language testing by one of our trained therapists to identify a child's areas of need. These assessments help create specific, functional, and developmentally appropriate goals. From there, a treatment plan will be developed for your child.

Individualized Treatments

An individualized treatment  includes a session with a trained speech language pathologist. Sessions are for the child as well as training for the parent/guardian provided in the comfort of your own home or in a public facility (e.g. local library, day care, private school, etc.)