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Why did we create APT?

May 31, 2019

We created Atlantic Pediatric Therapies, LLC because we recognized the significant need for speech therapy services in the Sussex County area. With few therapists down here, speech services are often only provided within the school setting. We realized children and parents needed extra support - a place to go for additional services and/or a therapist to travel to the home to help provide modeling of skills or continued support and treatment. APT's motto is Early Intervention Together.  Together includes the child, the parent/guardian(s), and the therapist. Our therapists are dedicated to help children improve their speech and language communication skills to the best of their ability. 

Speech & Language On the Go

June 8, 2019

Summer is finally here! You and your child made it through another school year! And since it is summer, your child doesn’t need to work on their speech, right?! WRONG! Consistent speech practice throughout the whole year is important to help remediate or improve their articulation and language skills. Even if your child is receiving summer speech services, it is important to carryover those skills throughout everyday activities.

It sounds like a lot of work and your first thought might be “But Mr./Mrs. Speech Therapist there is no time to work on my child’s speech and language skills over the summer! We are too busy! We are going to the beach! We are going on vacation! My child needs a break!” Well, we are here to help you incorporate your child’s speech and language skills into everyday activities that require minimal to no preparation. Let’s make it fun! Your child may not even realize they are working on their speech skills! Here are some examples for summer activities:

Going on a vacation this summer? Long drive? What a perfect time to practice your child’s articulation skills. Think of words that have your child’s sounds in them and have them practice the words with you in the car OR have your child look for thing/objects while you are driving. See how many they can find that has their target sound in it (e.g. Working on /s/ sound - Stop Sign, Bus, Sun, Baseball field, etc.)

Picking up food for a BBQ or a party? Great time to go over categories or function of objects with your child (e.g. Categories: meat, fruits, vegetables, drinks, desserts, etc. that you might need for the BBQ or party AND Function: Knives – to cut the food, plates to eat off, Napkins to wipe our face, cups to put the drinks in, etc.)

Relaxing on the beach? Have your child draw pictures in the sand of their target words or have them attempt to spell the words correctly. Build a sandcastle with your child and ask them WH questions (e.g. What does a castle look like? Where should we build it? Who lives in a castle?, etc.)

Grabbing a scoop of ice cream? Have your child practice ordering their own ice cream flavor. They can practice their fluency strategies or communication skills with an unfamiliar communication partner. Order yours first so they have an appropriate model!

Mini Golfing with friends? This is great way to practice social skills with your child and their friend or sibling! (e.g. turn taking, manners, listening, asking questions, staying on topic, etc.)

As you can see, there are so many ways to incorporate speech skills into fun summer activities. How are you making speech fun in the summer? Feel free to share your own!